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Customize Photo Cakes Ideas for Someone Special

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While gifting your special someone you need to think a lot to make it unique for them. Some people make it worth for their partner by giving a surprise party, or they take them for a romantic getaway. Some prefer giving gifts like jewellery, designer clothes or accessories. At the same time, some like to plan elaborate things to make the day special for their significant others. One of the common things in all these plans, as mentioned above, is that there would be cake involved in some or the other way. The cake is one of the things which is usually liked by everyone; in other words, giving a cake would never go wrong. People go for plain old chocolate cake or fruit cake. People can make their cake even more special by making it a customized photo cake. Below are some of the photo cake ideas which can be implemented to create customized photo cake for someone special. 

Photo Cakes with your favourite photo of your someone special

You can give your baker, the most favourite picture of someone special which you love the most. Tell them to take the same image and make the cake as per the photo. You can request your baker to decorate the cake with your favourite picture of them. By giving a cake with your favourite picture on it, will make them feel really special. As you are putting in a lot of efforts to choose from the various images of your someone special and co-ordinating with your baker to get it done precisely you want. 

Photo cake with Multiple Tiers

Another way to personalize the photo cake is to make it a two or three-tiered cake. The side of each tier would have different photos of your special someone on it. This cake will look elegant with simple white flower icing on the edges of the cake. The cake can be made with light colour fondant all over, this will highlight the photo on the cake and would also look beautiful. 

Photo cake made of their favourite flavour

By making the cake in their favourite flavour would be the icing on the cake in a literal sense. Through cake2homes customers can choose any flavour of cake of their liking. And the cake will be made with the photo of your special someone on the top of the favourite flavour of your special someone. The best thing about cake2homes is that they can make any cake of your liking. 

Photo cake with a lovely message for your special someone

What a better way to say and show your special someone that they mean the world to you at the same time. You can make a photo cake along with a sweet and short message for them written on the cake. Cake2homes does these customizations as per the request of their customers. Give guidelines to them, and they will make the cake with sweet messaged on the photo cake specially made for your special someone.

Photo cake in different shapes

You can make a photo cake for your loved ones in different shapes and sizes of your liking. They can be in the form of a photo album with photos of your special someone on both sides. The way the actual photo album is made. Or you can opt for photo cake in the form of a photo frame with their beautiful picture on it. You can make a cake in the form of a timeline with the photos of your special someone during the course. This will show how they have changed beautifully over the period of time.

Cake2homes is one cake outlet in Ahmedabad wherein you can not only order photo cake online, but you can customize the cake however you want. They have a people expert in baking the delicious and stunning looking cakes and they are confident that any type, any shape or any flavour of cake will be made as per the request of their customers.

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