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Guide to get and hire the best employees for your company

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The companies are formed by people, so that their success depends on the talent of its people. That is why finding competent candidates is a crucial activity. Follow these 10 steps to get and hire the right candidates to form the best team for your business.

Define the job profile

Identify what are the tasks and responsibilities of the job you want to cover. This will help you write a job description, its attributes, limitations, technical requirements of the person and any other relevant aspect that meets the needs of your business.

Sets the salary conditions and benefits

The salary to be paid and the contracting conditions should not be established lightly. A poorly defined hiring can have repercussions in budget or even legal problems. So before starting your selection process, be sure to evaluate how much you can pay and under what conditions, so that everything is clear from the beginning.

Advertise the search in different types of media

You can put a classified ad in a local newspaper or on websites that specialize in recruiting employees like Monster.com , CareerBuilder.com, or posting an ad on Craigslist.org . If your business is present on social networks, it may be effective for you to communicate the job opportunity there. You can also spread the word among friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Go through the selection process

Once you start receiving resumes, go through them very well to select the candidates who meet the minimum requirements. Set your priorities, what interests you most. Some suggestions to examine: integrity, confidence, ability, attitude, academic preparation, experience and the desire to learn. You should not take into account prospects who have a history of dubious reputation or who have reported attitude problems in previous jobs.

Know your candidates

The interview is essential to get to know the person and have a “first impression”. In this meeting you will be able to observe how the person expresses himself, how he behaves and you will be able to evaluate aspects such as punctuality, formality and desire to work. The questions you ask should allow the person to speak and in the meantime you observe. In general, the interview involves a great deal of perception and intuition and in it you will be able to determine if it is really that person who complements your work team.

Determines the degree of interest of the candidate

If you perceive the person as a good candidate, then you can proceed to talk to them about working and salary conditions. This does not mean that you are hiring. The objective is that they know what you offer and what you expect from them to know if their interest in the position is genuine. This step is very important in order to avoid subsequent misunderstandings and above all so that you can be sure that the person understands and accepts the conditions of work.

Find out his background

Any interested person should present you with personal and previous work references that can be contacted. You have to think about this basic hiring principle: ” the candidate will perform well in the future, to the extent that he has done in the past.” Investigate the references of people who know the candidate’s work and personal life. Profiles on pages like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter of your candidates can help you in the selection process.

Try a technical interview

In some cases it is essential to do an internship. These tests should only be performed on the candidates you are considering hiring.

Make a decision

Once the possible candidates have been selected, make an analysis of your options and seek an expeditious and practical decision in the hiring. A recruitment process should take no more than a month to guarantee the best results. Keep in mind that for some positions it is mandatory that the selection process includes a medical examination, since some activities are high risk for both the candidate and the company’s collaborators.

Involve the employee with the business

The new collaborator must have an overview that conveys the vision, mission and values ​​of the company , as well as its short, medium and long-term objectives. In order for the contracted collaborator to be able to perform properly, there must be subsequent stages of equally effective training, adaptation and supervision.

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