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How to Show Staff You Value Their Hard Work?

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How to Show Staff You Value Their Hard Work?

One area where many businesses struggle is showing staff that they value their hard work (this is particularly true for larger companies). This can actually have a significant impact on the success of a business as staff that do not feel valued will not perform to their best each day, it will create a negative atmosphere throughout the workplace and can lead to staff turnover. It is essential to show that you value staff not only in terms of benefiting the business but also so that you can create secure connections and create a positive workplace atmosphere which everyone will benefit from. Here are a few ideas.

Rewards & Incentives

People get paid to come into work each day so merely providing them with a salary is not an effective way of showing that you value their work. Instead, you should use reward and incentives to encourage hard work and to thank them for their efforts. A few ideas include:

  • Cash bonus
  • Gift cards
  • Late starts/early finishes
  • Time off
  • Going out to lunch
  • Social events

Remote Working

Remote working is on the rise, and it is an excellent way to show that you value staff because it can make such a big difference to their work-life balance while also showing that you trust them. There are also a handful of other benefits for the business and employees, so it should certainly be embraced.

Positive Feedback

Of course, one of the most obvious ways to show that you value staff is with positive feedback. You should not wait until performance reviews to give positive feedback and even a simple “thanks” or “good job” throughout the day can make a huge difference. It is amazing how few bosses do this even though it is so easy and takes no time at all, plus it will encourage others to put in the work as everyone wants to receive positive feedback in the workplace.

Host Events

Events are a great way to show that you appreciate the handwork of your team, encourage staff to bond and to boost morale so they can bring many advantages yet often a company will host nothing more than a Christmas party. Hiring an impressive venue through a company like cl-events.com will certainly communicate the right message, and there are all kinds of events you could opt for, such as:

  • Parties
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Charity balls
  • Dinners

Help Them to Achieve Career Goals

It is also essential to show that you want them to find success with their career and provide opportunities to climb the ladder within your own company. This means that you need to listen to their goals, provide training and additional responsibilities and discuss ways with them that they can achieve their goals with your support.

You must show staff that you value their hard work and the above are all effective ways to do this. You will find that showing that you value handwork can bring a range of additional benefits to the business as well as help you to create stronger relationships and improve the workplace atmosphere.

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