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Top Android Apps You Need To Try In 2020

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You can find tons of helpful and amazing Android apps these days. But their usefulness is based on the specific habits of those using them. The top Android apps out there can change your phone into a productivity powerhouse. They make our lives faster, simpler, and better. So, without much ado, let have a look at the list of top Android apps that you should definitely try in 2020, according to app developers India.

Google Pay – The Best Payment App

When it comes to mobile payments, Android has a few great options that are based on the kind of device you have. One of the best payment apps for Android is Google Pay. With Google Pay, you can easily add any of your card from the list of banks given along with reward cards. This app keeps your information and data safe with a digital card number to keep your details secure. The app offers rewards to all users for each payment. With Google Pay, you can pay your utility bills and make multiple payments as well.

Zomato – The Best Food Delivery App

One of the best food delivery apps for Android, Zomato allows you to find restaurants near you and also order your preferred food online from the restaurant you want. Using this app, you can check the photos, menu, and user reviews of any restaurant. Moreover, with the map feature of this app, you can easily reach any new restaurant. Zomato has many other exclusive features to meet customer needs such as table booking, takeaway, discoveries, discounts, offers, and more. According to app developers India, the app also lets you connect with friends and easily follow them to find out where and what they are eating.

Uber -The Best Taxi/Ride Sharing App

Using a taxi app has now become very common for Android users. Uber is the most common name when it comes to the Android ride-sharing app across the world. You can forget about all your transportation worries by downloading this app. With Uber, you can find out an appropriate vehicle for transporting you to your destination. It is a safe way of riding to your destination as it shows your location, picture, and details of the driver. This is the best taxi/ride-sharing app that is available for 24 hours a day all around the year.

Urban Clap – the Best On-Demand App

The on-demand service applications aren’t meant for taxi or food requests, they also serve many everyday purposes such as Urban Clap. Urban Company or Urban Clap is one of the biggest on-demand, at -home service apps on the Android market at present. Whether you are looking for any beauty service or maintenance service, you will get them all at the app. With Urban clap, you can rest assured to get more than 50 services that you can easily book on pre-approved costs. There are a variety of services that are available with this app like painting, repairing, home cleaning, and more.

Google Fit – the Best Fitness App

You can get in shape and stay in shape by working out. Having a good Android device will not do such a thing for you however many apps can assist you in this. It is one of the finest free fitness apps. You can easily track fitness using active minutes and a point system. This apps also has fitness goal tracking, integration with a range of apps such as Strava, Runkeeper, and more, and customized tips. It is much more versatile than other free fitness apps. Moreover, its integration with more apps makes it simpler to recommend than other free solutions.

Tinder – the Best Dating App

Undoubtedly, Tinder is the most popular dating app. It is a clear choice of people when it comes to the best dating app. It is the dating hill’s king. Tinder has the most number of users. If you wish for the best options while dating, it is the perfect platform. For usability, Tinder receives an A from its users. As it is a very famous dating app, you will most probably come across someone who lives close to you and likes you.

Telegram -The Best Social Networking App

Creating new connections and links have become simple through Android devices. Telegram is a great social networking app. It is increasing its user base slowly. The security of the app makes it stand out from its competitors. Telegram has gained immense popularity in comparison to other social networking apps. From a business perspective, brands can instantly connect with users. The app lets you turn off message previews, lock specific conversations, and notifications. This app is completely free and lets you make groups with nearly 2 lakh users. One of the greatest features of this app is self-destructive and encrypted messages.

Spotify – the Best Music Streaming App

This is the best music app for Android phones that you should not miss on. It assists you to easily access the music world. With this app, you can listen to your favorite music, album, and make your playlists as well. By downloading this app on your phone, you can choose an already-existing playlist as per your mood and enjoy the unmatched quality of sound. Spotify lets you listen both to downloading and streaming music of higher quality. You can also keep your songs private in this app.

Amazon Kindle- The Best e-Learning App

Using your Android tablet or smartphone to learn from makes sense. Your Android device is with you always so you can learn from anywhere and anytime. Amazon Kindle, a traditional learning app, has many reference guides, self-help books, how-to books, and more. You can download them, buy them, or just read them. Your Android device can store many of them without issues of space.

Hulu – the Best TV Streaming App

Hulu is an amazing Android app that lets you watch TV and surf the newest movies and shows online. Since the app is personalized, you can choose between various options of movies, live TV shows, and more. The big streaming library of Hulu features the old and latest seasons of various popular shows. This app is voted as the most loved and followed streaming libraries.

Daily Yoga- The Best Yoga App

It is a real yoga app available for Android devices. It is great both for novices and advanced users. This app has some of the best and most professional yoga plans and classes, asanas, pilates, meditation courses, etc. It offers you with many health advantages and assists you to keep both your body and mind fit. As the best yoga app for Android devices, it offers more than 20 yoga gurus who want to make yoga convenient and simple for you to lose weight, sleep better, and relax.

CamScanner – The Best Scanning App

It is another top Android app that you should have in your device. It uses the camera of your phone to scan documents. It has auto enhancing and smart cropping features for all kinds of texts. This app can synchronize documents to many Android devices. It is an excellent app for students.


So, this was the list of best Android apps that you should definitely try in 2020. You should have them all to make use of your Android device in the best possible way.

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