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How Can I Recover Data From Damaged Laptop?

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How Can I Recover Data From Damaged Laptop?

Summary: In this post, we’ll discuss some common reasons that may cause damage to your laptop, resulting in loss of data. We’ll also discuss the possible way on how you can recover data from damaged laptop.

Laptops are the devices which essentially comprise Processor, hard drive and other sensitive components. The Processor handles or controls all the tasks including data storage tasks while the laptop’s hard drive stores the data.

If your laptop gets damaged, you may not be able to access the data.

Common Reasons That May Cause Damage to Laptop

  • Damage due to Water/Moisture

Water or moisture might damage internal electrical and mechanical parts of the laptop. It might cause short circuits which can damage laptop components such as hard drive, resulting in data loss.

  • Exposure to Heat

Overheating of laptop may result in break-down of electronic parts. Overheating may also cause damage to the laptop’s hard drive. Your laptop may get overheated due to environmental heat, clogged vents, malfunctioning fan, etc.

  • Falls and Jerks

Laptops are delicate devices and are vulnerable to falls and jerks. A laptop may get damaged due to mishandling. Damage caused to a hardware component of the laptop might not allow it to function properly or it may cease to work.

  • High Voltage

Laptops are powered by batteries which provide required current and voltage for their operation. But significant spike in input supply voltages while charging the batteries may damage the laptop.

  • Sudden or Forced Shutdown

Sudden cut-off of power supply due to damaged battery or forced shutdown may damage the laptops. As laptop hardware starts and stops in a certain sequence, a sudden or forced shutdown may prevent this from happening, causing damages to it.

If your laptop has got damaged for any reason and you’ve lost your important data, try dismantling the laptop’s hard drive and connect it to any other system. You can connect the hard drive to another system by using a hard drive enclosure and SATA to USB cable. If the hard drive gets detected, copy entire data to any other storage media/disk.

If connecting the laptop’s hard drive to another system doesn’t help you recover the data, don’t try any hit-and-trial method. Doing so might cause more damage to the hard drive and you’d never be able to recover your data. In such a case, the only solution for recovering data is to seek the help of a Professional Data Recovery Service .

What is the best way to recover data from damaged laptop?

Stellar is a world leader in data recovery domain. It’s a 26 year old data recovery solutions provider which has experienced technicians and world-class infrastructure to recover data with safety. Stellar data recovery India has proved its mettle by recovering data in worst data loss situations such as recovery of data from dead laptop.

If you want to recover the data lost due to damaged or dead laptop, you can submit your laptop hard drive at Stellar’s data recovery center for Data Recovery. Stellar data recovery experts at Stellar recover data from laptops/hard drives of all makes and models, irrespective of the cause of damage. Choosing such a trustworthy brand ensures up to 100% recovery of data, with safety and privacy.


If you’ve lost data because your laptop is damaged or dead, you can try connecting its hard drive to any other system and copy the data to another drive. If this doesn’t help, you can contact a data recovery expert such as Stellar to recover data from your damaged or dead laptop. The experts at Stellar thoroughly analyze the hard drive of your laptop and recover data by using sophisticated tools.

As laptops are delicate devices, it is always recommended to handle them with proper care and keep them away from heat & moisture, to prevent any harms or damage.

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